Your best friend deserves care and love every day, in every segment of their lives. Because you care about giving your dog the very best, it’s natural that you want to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need for a long, healthy and happy life.


We know your dog is special and totally unique. From the way they greet you at the door with a happy little dance, to whether they prefer a ball or a chew toy, to their favourite spot for a mid-afternoon nap - they’re full of unique personality.


But we understand that certain characteristics and nutritional requirements are specific to particular breeds. That’s why we were driven to create recipes that nurture the exact attributes of each breed.



Affection: united in our shared love for your best friend.


Specific: truly tailored nutrition for unique breed characteristics.


Passionate: choosing the best ingredients for a superior recipe.


Elemental: keep it essential with nature’s finest ingredients.


Clean: No gluten, no GMO, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Tasty: an irresistible taste your dog will adore.


When you choose ASPECT for your pet, you choose nutrition that

  1. Encourages vitality
  2. Boosts their appearance
  3. Is tailored to their unique needs
The right nutrition is essential to not only keep that coat glossy and their skin healthy, but also to care for their digestion and immune system. Using supreme nutrients and expert ingredients, ASPECT is blended to keep your dog feeling great and full of that endearing energy.

The right choice, without the guess-work.

In a market flooded with options, it’s difficult to be sure you’re making the right choice for your pet. When dinner-time arrives and those big eyes look up to you, you’ll want to feel confident that you’re serving delicious, nutritious and healthy food.
ASPECT takes away the uncertainty with a recipe that’s specially designed to meet the exact nutritional needs of your breed.
With specific sensitivities and physical characteristics, your breed needs nutrition that will help it to thrive. Formulated to nurture and protect, ASPECT offers the optimal blend of ingredients that your dog needs to look and feel healthy every day.
The right nutrition is the key to caring for your dog inside and outside. It gives them energy, makes their coat shiny and keeps that little face smiling every time they reach the bottom of the bowl.

Why choose breed-specific food?

Keep them happy with

  • All the right nutrients
  • Carefully selected proteins
  • Optimal vitamins and minerals
  • Integrated antioxidants for bright eyes and healthy skin
  • Superfood ingredients for enhanced  vitality
  • A delicious taste they’ll gobble up